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    PRODUCTS - Environmental protection production line
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    Twin screw extrusion sheet unit

    * Use in producing PET / PLA sheets , no need pre 一 drying crystallization of the energy consumption and adapt to the material for the production of the second , high yield , low energy consumption , high 一 quality plastics characteristics .


    * The screw to the modular structure , multiple portfolio , its extensive scope , not only adapted to the production of PET . also suitable for the PLA and starch biodegradable materials production .


    * Barrel used double exhaust outlets , vacuum exhaust ensure full emit water vapor .


    * Extruder equipped with molten metering pump quantitative output , and set up the pressure and speed closed Ioop auto control .


    * The twin 一 screw extruder Used PLC control , the actual parameter setting , data and the feedback operation , the alarm and other functions of automation .






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